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3 ways someone’s life may change after a spinal cord injury

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Injuries |

Spinal cord injuries that occur during car crashes can have catastrophic consequences for the person injured. Spinal cord injuries are different in every case. Both the severity of the injury and the location of the trauma to the spinal cord can influence someone’s medical needs and post-injury lifestyle. People may have complete injuries that immediately and permanently affect the motor function and sensation below the site of their injury. They might also have incomplete injuries that impair motor function and sensation without altogether terminating it.

Whether someone has an incomplete or complete injury, they can anticipate making major adjustments to their daily lives after acquiring a spinal cord injury in a car crash. The following are some of the biggest changes that tend to occur after a spinal cord injury.

The need for ongoing medical care

Obviously, a massive injury like a spinal cord injury requires trauma care shortly after someone gets hurt. People may require stabilization and immobilization at the hospital. Surgery could be necessary as well. A spinal cord injury creates both massive expenses in the 12 months after someone’s initial trauma and ongoing care costs for the rest of their life. They may need regular physical therapy and frequent visits with Medical Specialists to preserve the highest standard of living possible after a spinal cord injury. Many people have more than a million dollars in medical costs after a spinal cord injury.

Changes to professional capabilities

Some individuals in educated professions can still perform their jobs despite acquiring spinal cord injuries. Many others in blue-collar or service-industry professions may find that their employment and advancement opportunities diminish significantly after a spinal cord injury. People may no longer be able to perform physically-demanding jobs and may need to change professions. In more severe cases, spinal cord injuries might lead to someone ceasing to work altogether.

Requirements for daily accommodations

Simply performing daily tasks can become challenging after a spinal cord injury. People may require major revisions to their living spaces so that they can cook, clean and otherwise live as they did before. Their vehicles may also require major adjustments. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to make a home wheelchair-accessible and similar amounts to convert a vehicle for foot-free driving or wheelchair access.

The changes to daily life that follow a spinal cord injury may have significant financial implications for individuals and their family members. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary for those hoping to mitigate the expenses triggered by a spinal cord injury caused by another’s action or inaction.

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