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Bike Safety Measures May Not Be Enough

Bicycles offer little protection if you get into a crash. Colorado laws are in place to protect you, but you may still face many dangers on the road that no law can entirely prevent.

At Tomazin Law Group LLP, we provide decades of legal experience and skilled guidance to bicyclists injured by the negligence of others. Our clients get personalized representation from an attorney who listens to their issues and cares about them.

I Was Hit By A Car While Cycling In The Bike Lane. Who Is Responsible For The Accident?

Drivers must yield the right of way to riders in a bike lane. The state expanded the definition of a bike lane to include the unmarked portions of an intersection, where a bike lane leads into it. The law imposes fines and points on driver’s licenses on drivers that violate it. This law serves as a deterrent.

However, in addition to deterring aggressiveness towards bicyclists, the law also provides legal protection to bike riders. Anyone who violates Colorado’s bike lane laws opens themselves to liability, and our attorneys can use evidence of that violation to build your case.

Can I Get Compensated If I Was Injured In A Cycling Accident?

Injuries from bicycle accidents range from skinned knees and sprains to broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Often the most extreme injuries for bicyclists involve cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Serious injuries require treatment, and that leads to costly medical bills. If you must receive:

  • Surgery
  • Medications
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Rehabilitation therapy

You may find yourself facing financially ruinous bills. Even the most routine visit to an emergency room can cost thousands of dollars that most cannot afford. We can help you file a personal injury claim which may cover the cost of those medical bills, long-term physical therapy, and potentially even property damage to your bicycle.  

Thorough, Skilled Representation

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