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Denver Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

Insurance providers do not always honor the policies they issue. Insurance is supposed to provide a financial safety net, protecting you when accidents happen or disaster strikes. However, while you may be paying your premiums on time and believe that you are fully protected by your insurance policies, the reality is that:

  • When you file a claim against a policy, you cannot rely on the insurer to be on your side or look out for your rights and interests.
  • In some cases, insurers may specifically look for reasons (valid or not) to reduce or deny claims in order to protect their profits (by limiting the payout for your claim).

At Tomazin Law Group LLP, we are Denver attorneys who thoroughly understand the lengths that insurance companies may go to in order to avoid paying legitimate claims. Skilled at advocating policyholders’ rights and proving when insurance bad faith has occurred, we are ready to help you stand up to insurance companies so that you are able to secure the financial recovery you deserve.

Insurance Bad Faith Tactics And Examples

Insurance bad faith can come in many forms – some more subtle than others. Some of the most common ways in which insurers can act in bad faith with policyholders’ claims include by:

  • Drawing out the investigation of a claim (with this often being done to try to intensify policyholders’ financial stresses after accidents in order to try to force them into accepting substantially lower payouts)
  • Misinterpreting the evidence associated with the claim
  • Overlooking evidence provided by the policyholder
  • Using questionable or unqualified “experts” during the claim investigation
  • Wrongly alleging that the policyholder failed to maintain the policy (i.e., claiming that the policy is no longer active when, in fact, the policyholder has been doing everything necessary to keep the policy active)
  • Altering the terms of the policy after a claim has been filed against it (i.e., post-claim underwriting)

These and other bad faith tactics can come into play with various types of insurance claims, including those associated with:

  • Auto insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Homeowners (and renters) insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Travel insurance

Holding Insurers Accountable For Bad Faith Practices

When it’s time to prove that an insurance company has acted in bad faith with a claim, some of the items that can be important evidence for these cases include (and are by no means limited to):

  • Policy documents, which are essentially contracts between policyholders and the insurance company
  • Correspondence from insurance companies
  • Insurers’ company materials, such as claims handling manuals (for agents) and marketing materials (for policyholders)
  • Doctors’ reports and/or police reports (depending on the nature of the claim/policy)

With the right evidence and the help of a skilled lawyer, wronged policyholders can successfully hold insurance companies accountable and potentially secure compensation that may include:

  • The full amount of the payout deserved for the original claim
  • Legal fees
  • Punitive damages (though rarely available, punitive damages can be ordered when the act of bad faith is particularly egregious – or when an insurer may have a history of acting in bad faith with policyholders’ claims)

Get Effective Help Fighting Insurance Bad Faith: Contact A Denver Personal Injury Attorney At Tomazin Law Group LLP

If you or someone you love has been victimized by any type of insurance bad faith practice, then you can turn to us, experienced Denver personal injury attorneys at Tomazin Law Group LLP, for helpful advice regarding your options for recovery and justice.

Dedicated to providing compassionate service and effective advocacy, we can help you:

  • Take swift action to protect your rights
  • Fight insurers’ unfair and wrong decisions
  • Secure the full amount of compensation you deserve

To find out more about your potential case and what we can do for you, contact our Denver office by calling 303-835-4595 or emailing our firm via the contact form. We’re proud to deliver high-quality legal services to the Denver metro area, Arapahoe County and the entire state of Colorado.