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Get The Compensation You Deserve After A Truck Accident

Accidents involving semis and other big trucks are among the most devastating. They are also among the most complex types of accident claims out there.

You need skilled representation from an attorney who understands how litigation in a truck accident case really works. At Tomazin Law Group LLP, we are experienced litigators with a wealth of knowledge surrounding truck accident claims. With our more than 70 combined years of professional experience, the opposition knows that we mean business.

Stop Insurance Companies From Taking Advantage

The victims of truck accidents need all the care and attention they can get while they recover. Meanwhile, the insurance companies that represent the truck driver, the trucking company, the loading dock, the truck manufacturer and the maintenance group will start to work together. They often try to throw up barriers to keep victims from getting justice because of the enormous possible settlements.

Accidents involving commercial trucks are unlike ordinary car accident claims. There are many potential factors that can contribute to a truck accident, including:

  • Driver inattention or fatigue
  • Driver inexperience
  • Mechanical failure
  • Failure to properly maintain the truck
  • Poorly loaded or overloaded cargo
  • Poor road design

The more parties who are at fault for an accident, the more complex a lawsuit becomes. It takes more investigation. It requires a specialized understanding of regulatory guidelines. Experts in road engineering and crash reconstruction may be necessary.

If your injuries are particularly serious, then you may need expert testimony regarding your limitations, your future earnings capacity and your quality of life. These are not simple cases. Hire a lawyer you can trust to keep the insurance companies from playing games and pushing a poor settlement offer your way.

Let Us Take On The Insurance Companies

At Tomazin Law Group LLP, you never pay for our services upfront. We work on a contingency fee, which means that we get payment only once you receive compensation. We work hard to get the maximum possible award in every case. Contact us online or call 303-835-4595 for an appointment with one of us at our office in Denver. We assist clients throughout Colorado.