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4 tips for driving safely around trucks

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2023 | Auto Accidents |

Driving around large trucks can be stressful. A truck’s size and weight can make any driver feel tense. But you can drive around trucks calmly without worrying about getting into an accident.

Here are four tips to employ:

Stay out of blind spots

Trucks have large blind spots immediately in front, directly behind and on the sides. Therefore, you should avoid these positions. 

Typically, if you can’t see a truck driver in their side mirror, chances are they can’t see you.

Overtake safely 

When you want to pass a truck, confirm you can see the driver in their side mirror, signal clearly, move to the left and accelerate. And once you are ahead, do not pull in front immediately. Ensure you can see the truck in your rear-view mirror before returning into your lane.

You should avoid overtaking trucks in downgrades, as they usually accelerate due to gravity. 

Further, when a truck passes you, maintain your speed – do not accelerate. Giving a truck enough room to pass allows you to get out of its blind spots quicker. 

Do not tailgate 

If you are behind a truck, you should maintain a safe following distance. You should not tailgate any vehicle, but the dangers may be worse when following a truck. Besides being in a blind spot, you can slide under the truck if it stops and you fail to stop on time.

Be patient

Patience is crucial when driving around a truck. Trucks require extra room when turning, merging into a lane and so on. And some even have operating restrictions. Thus, avoid distracting the driver by hooting, informing them to increase speed or give way.

If a truck driver hits you despite observing safety measures, seek legal help to understand your options.   

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