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The most common type of motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents |

There are many different types of motorcycle accidents, as riding is inherently dangerous. For example, motorcycle riders are 28 times as likely to be involved in fatal accidents as people who drive cars and pickup trucks. Riders certainly should wear certified helmets and other protective gear, but even doing so doesn’t guarantee that they won’t be injured in an accident.

One of the most common types of motorcycle accidents is known as a left turn accident. How does this occur and what can you do to avoid it?

Turning in front of the motorcycle

A left turn accident does not happen when the bike is turning left, but when someone else is. This occurs when traffic is on a two-way road, so the oncoming driver is supposed to wait for the motorcycle to pass before turning. But instead of doing so, they turn right in front of the motorcycle and the bike strikes the side of the car.

This is especially problematic because motorcycle riders often only have a split second to react. Turning left puts them into the oncoming traffic lane while turning right means driving into the ditch and moving in the same direction as the vehicle that cut them off. There are no good options.

Often, these types of accidents happen because drivers do not see motorcycles. They believe that they have an empty gap in oncoming traffic and that they can turn safely. Some drivers do not even know that they have made such a critical error until the motorcycle collides with the side of the vehicle.

Seeking compensation

Any motorcycle accident can lead to severe injuries. These may lead to expensive medical care, lost wages and many other costs. Those who have been injured need to know how to seek financial compensation.

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