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3 parties that can have responsibility for a semitruck crash

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2023 | Auto Accidents |

Fault is a very important consideration for those involved in a crash. Drivers need to understand whether they or the other motorists involved in the collision are to blame. Those who are not at fault often have the option of filing an insurance claim or possibly even a civil lawsuit to get compensation for their expenses and other damages.

When the other vehicle is a semitruck, there can be worse damages generated by the crash and more confusion about who is actually to blame than when only cars are involved. Who might be liable for a semitruck collision?

The truck driver

A large percentage of commercial vehicle collisions are the fault of the truck driver. They get too close to another vehicle in traffic or make other mistakes that result in a wreck. Most of the time, collisions that are the fault of an employee will lead to liability for the company rather than the individual driver.

The transportation company

There are many scenarios in which a trucking company may have directly contributed to a crash occurring. Perhaps the business delayed crucial maintenance on its vehicles, or maybe it hired workers with questionable driving backgrounds. Companies can easily be responsible when one vehicle in their fleet causes a crash.

Other businesses

There are also scenarios in which outside companies might have responsibility for the crash. Perhaps the transportation company hired another business to maintain its vehicles, and that company didn’t do the work properly. Maybe a client who loads trailers at a warehouse or factory did something that destabilized a vehicle, which could cause a crash.

The people affected by semitruck collisions may be able to take legal action against a business or file a claim against the company’s insurance coverage. Determining who is liable for the consequences of a crash is crucial for those hoping to seek compensation. Having legal guidance can help.

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