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Can you get infections from dental fillings?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2023 | Dental Injuries And Malpractice |

Dental health is essential to overall well-being, and dental fillings are crucial in treating tooth decay and restoring dental health. However, individuals may have concerns about the potential risk of infections associated with dental fillings. 

Dental fillings are commonly used to repair teeth affected by cavities, cracks or fractures. They involve removing the decayed or damaged part of the tooth and filling the resulting space with a suitable material. Can you get infections from dental fillings? Read on to explore the facts so you can make informed decisions about your dental care.

Are dental fillings safe?

Over the years, dental fillings have been extensively studied and proven safe and effective in treating dental problems. The American Dental Association (ADA) supports the use of dental fillings as a standard treatment for tooth decay.

While dental fillings can cause some side effects, such as sensitivity or mild discomfort immediately after the procedure, the risk of developing an infection from a dental filling is extremely low. This is because modern dental practices adhere to strict sterilization and infection control protocols to help minimize any potential risks.

Dental fillings and bacterial contamination

One concern regarding dental fillings is the possibility of bacterial contamination during the procedure. Ideally, dentists take great care to maintain a sterile environment during dental treatments.

Before placing a filling, the dentist thoroughly cleans the affected area, removing any decayed or damaged tissue. The tooth’s surface is then disinfected, resulting in bacteria removal. Moreover, the materials used for dental fillings should be biocompatible and inert, meaning they should not promote bacterial growth.

However, if a filling is improperly placed, it may create gaps or uneven surfaces that can trap bacteria and contribute to the development of infections. That can lead to serious complications for patients, which can ultimately affect their overall dental health and more.

You may have legal recourse through a dental malpractice case if your filings were improperly fitted and you suffered health issues, such as infection, as a result.

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