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How can a driver prove fault after a Colorado car crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Auto Accidents |

The extent of someone’s right to compensation after a car crash depends on who caused the collision. Generally speaking, drivers who violate Colorado traffic statutes and who behave in negligent, reckless or intentionally dangerous manners often end up declared responsible for a car crash in a police report dictated in the wake of an accident. The party who is at fault for a wreck is generally obligated to provide compensation to others, usually via their insurance coverage. When they don’t have enough insurance, they could end up facing a lawsuit in civil court.

In a perfect world, people who make irresponsible choices at the wheel would admit to their personal failings and do right by the people affected. In the real world, even those who do something obviously unsafe may lie about what happened to avoid responsibility for the crash they caused. How can those who have been recently involved in a Colorado collision prove who was to blame for their crash as they pursue rightful compensation?

They can look for video evidence or witnesses

Many areas in Colorado have traffic cameras that may have captured the crash itself or a driver’s behavior right before the collision. There are also businesses and even residential homes that have security cameras pointing outward that may capture important moments on a nearby street.

Dashboard cameras and even mobile phone cameras could have evidence of what actually occurred. If there aren’t any nearby cameras but there were pedestrians or other drivers nearby, their testimony can impact the determination of fault.

They can seek out mobile phone records

If there are accusations of distracted driving, police officers can potentially obtain records from either phone service providers or app companies to validate someone’s behavior at the time of a crash. In scenarios involving distracted driving, phone records can play a key role in proving what someone did.

They can request a crash reconstruction

If there is sufficient documentation of what happened during or right after a crash, there are experts that can complete reconstructions that can serve as evidence for insurance claims and civil law proceedings. A crash reconstruction can help show what likely happened and therefore who was to blame for the crash.

Those who believe that they may be facing an uphill battle for compensation because the driver who is at fault for the crash won’t tell the truth may benefit from seeking legal guidance after a wreck. Learning more about how to prove fault and pursue a fair compensation claim can benefit those who have been affected by a motor vehicle collision and who are unlikely to secure maximum damages unless they have a skilled professional in their corner.

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