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Even minor auto accidents can cause severe injuries

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Taking to the roads could be life-threatening, whether in Denver or elsewhere in Colorado. Some auto accident injuries are severe, and others are fatal. However, sometimes, it is the seemingly insignificant injuries that turn out to have long-term consequences. It is never a good idea to decline a trip to a medical facility. The following injury types are often less apparent. 

Extremities and joints 

Arms, legs and joint injuries could include sprains, bruises, fractures and severe ligament tears. Specific injuries include ankle sprains, knee damage like torn meniscus, tendoachilles injuries, dislocations, or fractures involving hips, shoulders, legs and arms. 

Chest, back and neck 

These areas of the body have an almost endless list of potential damage in car accidents. Front seat passengers are most vulnerable. Less severe injuries could include whiplash injuries, neck strain, back sprains or strains, or chest contusions. More critical injuries include spine and rib fractures, cervical bone damage, fractured collarbone and shoulder dislocation. Spinal cord damage could cause paralysis. 

Head and brain trauma 

Even without any apparent injuries or skull fractures, brain jostling upon the impact of a collision could cause nerve damage or even bleeding in the brain. Damage could range from mild bruising, concussion, vision loss, hearing loss, nerve damage and permanent disability, depending on the location of damage to the brain. 

Internal organ damage 

The kidneys, bowels, aorta, heart, liver, spleen and lungs are all vulnerable internal organs that could be overlooked while being life-threatening. Internal bleeding could be fatal if not recognized promptly. 

Psychological Injuries 

Post-traumatic stress disorder could develop over days, weeks or months after experiencing the trauma of car accidents. It could follow personal trauma or the witnessing of a loved one suffering severe injuries or death. 

The medical treatment does not come cheap, and in many cases, auto accident victims need long-term therapy or multiple surgical procedures. If there is proof that another party’s negligence caused the crash, victims might have grounds to pursue financial relief through the Colorado civil justice system. 

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