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Keep 5 things in mind after a car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

If a driver or passenger survives a Colorado collision and is coherent after a crash, he or she will want to be as proactive as possible to take care of his or her health, vehicle and other issues associated with the incident. Keeping five post-accident priorities in mind is helpful in most situations.

Safety first, when a roadway collision occurs

It is always important to remove oneself from the line of traffic, if possible, after a collision. People stranded on the road after a crash are at high risk for additional injuries if a subsequent collision occurs.

Such incidents often happen when approaching traffic is unable to stop in time to avoid an accident scene. In addition to getting as far away from traffic as possible, the following list shows five priority issues to begin during post-accident care:

  • Take note of surroundings to check for danger, such as a smell of smoke.
  • Call 911 or police, if able to do so, or ask someone else to make the call.
  • Exchange pertinent information with other motorists involved.
  • Take pictures of one’s physical injuries, vehicle and surrounding area.
  • Obtain medical attention.

Seeking medical attention is important, even if a person does not believe his or her injuries are life-threatening. Admission to an emergency room creates written documentation of the collision, which can be helpful down the line if the situation leads to litigation.

Don’t forget to notify insurance company

It is also a top priority to notify one’s insurance company of a collision and any resulting injuries. Insurance issues following a collision can be complex. Navigating the insurance process is often highly stressful, which is why it is helpful to seek legal support, especially if driver negligence was a direct cause of injury.

Closely monitor one’s condition in the days and weeks that follow

A recovering Colorado accident victim will want to continue to monitor his or her condition in the days and weeks that follow the incident. Not all injuries are immediately apparent, which is why it is best to report any new or lingering symptoms to a primary care physician or emergency room staff.

For instance, if a person feels okay in the immediate aftermath of a collision but develops a headache a day or several days later, it might be a sign of a traumatic brain injury. It is also important to keep one’s insurance company updated on injuries in order to add information to one’s file.

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