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Colorado drivers who think they’re invincible place you at risk

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There’s always a possibility that something might go wrong when you are traveling by motor vehicle in Colorado or elsewhere. However, if you adhere to traffic laws and are a cautious driver, you can reasonably expect to arrive safely to your destination or at least reasonably expect that drivers with whom you share the road will also adhere to state laws.

Current accident statistics show this is often not the case, however. For instance, most states have laws against using hand-held electronic devices while driving, but people still do it. When licensed drivers participate in surveys regarding why they use cell phones, text or exhibit other dangerous driving behaviors, they often give similar answers. While you can use such information to improve your own safe driving habits, you can’t control what another motorist does. If someone hits you, it’s important to know where to seek post-accident support.

People think they’re invincible

Colorado drivers often fall under two categories: Those who think anything bad that happens will happen to them and those who believe nothing bad will happen to them. The latter category often includes licensed drivers who know it is against the law to hold and use their cell phones while driving but do it anyway. They simply believe no harm will come to them. If you’re sharing the road with a driver like this, you may be the one who suffers injury if he or she causes a collision.

What are they talking about on their phones?

When police speak with drivers they pull over for using cell phones behind the wheel, they often ask who they talking to and why they felt the need to use their phones while driving, even though they know it’s against traffic laws. Many drivers say they were simply letting a loved one know they were on their way home. If you need to let your family member know where you are, it’s always best to safely exit the roadway to make the call.

One risky behavior leads to another

Sadly, enacting laws against using hand-held electronic devices while driving has reportedly not reduced the number of distracted driving accidents that occur in many areas. In fact, data shows that a licensed driver who disregards traffic laws to use a cell phone while driving is likely to exhibit other high-risk driving behaviors, as well. You may be able to avoid a collision if you notice a potential problem and are able to safely distance yourself from the other driver, but that’s not always possible.

If you suffer injury

If you wind up in the hospital because another driver was negligent or reckless, there’s no reason you should have to bear the full financial burden that is likely to accompany the situation. Colorado law enables recovering accident victims to seek justice by filing personal injury claims in civil court.

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