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Studies find that Americans want safer roads

If you take just a short drive on any Colorado road, you will probably notice a number of dangerous driving behaviors. From speeding to distracted driving, people behind the wheel are often reckless and unconcerned with the potential consequences of their actions. Like many others, you may acknowledge the need for stronger and better-enforced driving laws. 

A national study recently found that the majority of American drivers favor stricter laws regarding road safety. This shows that most people do not mind more restrictions on behavior as long as there is proof that these measures can reduce fatal accidents and potentially save lives. This is particularly prevalent as distracted driving continues to be a growing safety concern across the country.

How could tougher laws help?

You know that no matter what laws are in place, some will always make the choice to be reckless and negligent while driving. Experts know that driving at slower speeds, avoiding getting behind the wheel while intoxicated and wearing seatbelts can greatly reduce the chance of injury, but people often do not use common sense, and as a result, innocent people may suffer the consequences. 

The National Safety Council recently concluded a study that found that most drivers are in favor of tougher laws and more restrictions when presented with the evidence that these things can reduce accidents. When shown evidence of their benefit, the majority of those surveyed were in favor of the following:

  • Making seatbelts mandatory and increasing penalties for not wearing one
  • Lowering speed limits
  • Installing red light cameras
  • Having more sobriety checkpoints

There are also people who would support lowering blood alcohol content levels for DUIs from 0.08% to 0.05%. These are just a few of the ways that states can enforce better behaviors from drivers and hold people accountable for reckless choices.

Fighting back after an accident

No matter what laws are in place, it is possible to hold reckless or negligent drivers accountable for their actions. Personal injury laws allow people to seek legal recourse for their pain and suffering when another person causes them harm. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident, you may want to explore your option for filing a claim. 

Tougher laws may reduce accidents, but you do not have to wait until new laws are in place to fight for your rights and interests. After an accident, you may want to seek a complete evaluation of your case to learn how you can move forward.

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