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New technologies may help in the fight against distracted driving

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Colorado readers know that distracted driving continues to be a problem both in the state and across the country. Despite the fact that most people are completely aware of the risks involved in distracted driving and the laws that prohibit texting, it is still a major safety concern. There are many opinions on how to fight this problem and make the roads safer for everyone. 

Some suggest that implementing new technologies is the ideal way to make it safer in situations when a driver may not be fully attentive. You may wonder how adding technologies to cars and passenger vehicles can help, but there are advancements that can actually help cars to help drivers avoid collisions. It is possible that one of the keys to reducing the number of distraction-related accidents is to add specific features to vehicles.

Technologies that may help

There are certain tools automakers can add to vehicles that allow the vehicle to be aware of the driver’s actions. The vehicle will have the capability of reacting to perceived dangers and possible hazards. Some of the technologies that may help in the fight against distracted driving include the following:

  • Lane departure warning systems – This is a system that alerts a driver when or she leaves the lane due to swerving or drifting, which is common when a driver is texting or otherwise distracted.
  • Automatic emergency brake systems – These are smart brakes that can engage when the car senses that a collision is possible. If the driver does not react in an appropriate amount of time, the car will engage the AEB system.
  • Forward collision warning systems – This is a system that senses when there is a hazard in front of the car, such as a stopped vehicle. The system can alert a driver with a sound alert or something that he or she will notice.

With these systems, cars can help the people inside them stay safe. As you know, drivers are responsible for the choices they make behind the wheel, with or without certain technologies in place.

What are your rights as a victim?

Are you the victim of an accident caused by a driver who was texting or engaging in dangerous behaviors while behind the wheel? You could be eligible for financial compensation through a personal injury claim filed against the liable driver. It may help to seek a complete evaluation of your case and explanation of the legal options available to you.

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