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Rise in for-profit nursing homes may lead to more elderly abuse

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For-profit nursing homes have been accused of overcharging insurance companies and abusing patients by the federal government. An investigative report by Bloomberg showed that for-profit nursing homes care more about making a profit than providing quality care for elderly patients.

The report stated that patient safety and quality of care is being negatively impacted in for-profit nursing homes in their effort to make more money. Many nursing homes throughout the country are for-profit, with 70 percent of nursing homes being for-profit in 2010.

For-profit nursing homes reported a higher profit margin for treating Medicare patients in 2010 compared to non-profit nursing homes, according to the report. In addition to allegations of overcharging, for-profit nursing homes have faced more allegations of abuse and neglect.

Many civil lawsuits have been filed against for-profit nursing homes after patients have died after suffering abuse or neglect while in the nursing home. Many of the cases allege that the nursing homes did not have enough staff members to properly care for all the patients because they wanted to save money. Allegations also include that these nursing homes overcharged patients were services that they may not have needed or even received.

Investigations have shown that some for-profit nursing homes see more allegations of abuse and neglect by elderly patients. However, both for-profit and non-profit nursing homes have been found guilty of negligent and abusive care. Families of nursing home patients should research their nursing home and be aware of any usual or unsafe complaints or procedures that occur at the nursing home.

Nursing home abuse has become all too common in the U.S. Nursing home patients and their families are able to file a lawsuit against the nursing home if patients are injured or victimized due to abusive or negligent care. It is best for victims and their families to consult a personal injury attorney to discuss their specific case but there are state and federal laws that protect nursing home residents from unsafe and abusive practices.

Source: Huffington Post, “For-Profit Nursing Homes Fuel Rise In Fraud And Abuse Charges,” Jeffrey Young, Dec. 31, 2012

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