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Unrivaled Reputation And Experience In Personal Injury Law

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Denver Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Did your personal injury attorney urge you to accept a substandard settlement? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Contact a Colorado professional negligence lawyer at the law firm of Tomazin Law Group LLP, if you or your business has suffered a substantial loss due to legal malpractice on the part of your attorney in a prior civil case.

Colorado Legal Malpractice And Professional Negligence Attorneys

Denver legal malpractice attorney Thomas J. Tomazin has years of experience in establishing claims of negligence against professionals in many fields, including the legal field. In legal malpractice cases, it is often necessary to prove the underlying case as well as the claim against the attorney, as in cases where your personal injury case settled for an amount far less than its actual worth.

Thomas J. Tomazin has the experience and litigation skills to establish all the elements of a legal malpractice claim against an attorney, including proof of the original claim or defense.

Defending The Honor Of The Legal Profession

Contrary to popular belief, attorneys are usually eager to defend the reputation of their profession and its practice standards by helping expose and penalize those lawyers who let their clients down through negligence in a given case. This not only helps injured clients recover their losses, but it also strengthens the profession by deterring others from professional or ethical lapses.

Thomas J. Tomazin has never had difficulty finding successful and credible attorneys willing to provide expert testimony for the injured party in cases such as:

  • Missing a statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit or a deadline for submitting a pleading or document to the court
  • Filing the lawsuit in the wrong court, state or office
  • Overlooking a claim against a particular defendant, or failure to make effective service of process
  • Failing to file a substantial proof of claim against a bankruptcy estate
  • Providing obviously mistaken advice
  • Accepting a grossly inadequate settlement offer
  • Missing basic elements of a damages claim such as interest or future medical treatment costs
  • Misappropriation of funds held in a fiduciary capacity such as an escrow or trust account

Did Your Lawyer’s Negligence Result In Significant Loss To You?

If you believe you have suffered a substantial loss due to negligent performance by your attorney in a previous case, contact Tomazin Law Group LLP, for a free evaluation of your claim. We provide high-quality legal services to people all over the Denver metro, Arapahoe County and Colorado. Call 303-835-4595 or email our firm to make an appointment at either of our office location in Denver.