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Improperly-performed dental implants do more harm than good

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Dental Injuries And Malpractice |

Advances in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible even for those with historically poor oral hygiene to have beautifully white and straight teeth. There are now clear teeth straightening systems that adults can wear without embarrassing metal brackets and numerous bleaching systems that help to get people’s teeth as white as possible.

For those who have had traumatic injuries, who have struggled with oral hygiene practices or who simply have bad genetics, their teeth may be misshapen, crooked or very weak. Dental implants can completely change how someone’s smile looks. Unfortunately, they have become a leading cause of dental injuries.

Why would implants potentially cause injury?

The marketing videos and pamphlets displayed at many dental offices make the oral implant procedure seem simple. First, the dentist installs an anchor. Then, after that procedure heals, they complete the permanent placement of the artificial tooth or teeth. Properly performed, a dental implant procedure can completely replace damaged or lost teeth and may give someone a brilliant smile.

When done improperly, they can result in worsening gum and tooth damage or even damage to the nerves and sinuses. The reason that so many issues arise after dental implant procedures is that dentists often perform implants with minimal training. Some go to just a single seminar over the course of one weekend where they theoretically learn how to perform these complex procedures. Patients may not realize until after they have a poor outcome that the dentist they hired has very little experience or even a bad track record of doing a poor job during implant procedures.

Poor dental care could be malpractice

If a patient can prove that their dentist did not have the skill or training to provide certain services or if they can show that the care they provided was some standard, then they may be in a position to pursue a dental malpractice lawsuit against the professional who botched their implant procedure.

There could be insurance that will cover someone’s expenses and losses, or a dentist may have to pay out of their own resources or the assets held by their practice. Holding a dentist accountable for poor professional standards won’t undo the damage they caused but can at least limit lasting financial and practical consequences for their patients.

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