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Is a dog’s owner liable if their animal attacks and injures someone?

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Dogs of every size serve as working animals and companion animals in Colorado. Some ranchers train dogs to help intimidate or fight off predators. People may train their dogs to help protect their homes from burglary. Many households rely on canine companions for motivation to consistently exercise and for daily affection.

Unfortunately, dogs can be as dangerous as they are helpful and friendly. All it takes is a few seconds for a seemingly benign dog to become aggressive and leave someone injured, as well as potentially traumatized by the experience.

Colorado has strict liability statutes for dog bite scenarios

The possible risk involved in owning a dog is well known. Even those who train their animals and invest substantially in their upkeep and care could raise a pet that eventually snaps and injures a person. While Colorado does not require that dog owners obtain prior permission to secure a pet nor insurance to own one, the state does hold pet owners responsible if an animal hurts a person.

The law in Colorado imposes a strict liability standard on the owners of domestic animals. They may have to compensate people for property damage losses and injury-related expenses, such as hospital bills and lost wages, that they incur because the animal attacked them.

Frequently, those injured by a dog will the acquaintances with the animal’s owner. They may worry about taking someone to court. The good news is that most dog owners can rely on protection from their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance for any liability related to the animal’s aggressive behavior.

While it may seem unfair for someone to have to pay for the actions of an animal, it is even more unfair for members of the public to have to absorb injury expenses because an animal turns vicious. With exceptions and cases involving criminal activity or the intentional provocation of a dog, personal injury claims are often an option when an animal injures a person.

Learning more about dog bite claims in Colorado with the assistance of a legal professional can benefit those who have been recently affected by an animal’s aggression make informed choices about taking legal action.


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