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2 major reasons auto accidents happen so often at night

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Auto Accidents |

There are often fewer drivers at night than during the day, but that doesn’t mean there are fewer accidents. In fact, many drivers dislike being on the road at night, just for that reason.

You could end up in a car accident at night even when there’s only one other driver sharing the road. Here’s how:

Visibility is naturally poorer

Visibility is a problem most drivers have at night. A driver’s visibility may be impaired for different reasons. For example, a road without any street lights may mean a driver can only see what’s in view of their front lights. Since front lights often only illuminate several feet in front of the car, the driver may not react in time to stop before driving into another vehicle. 

Another way a driver may have impaired vision at night is because of fog or rain. Fog and rain may obscure a car’s front windshield, making it nearly impossible for a driver to see in front of them. 

Drivers may also have visibility issues because of bright lights. Light from another car’s high beams or from a phone may cause a driver to lose visibility. It may be a few seconds before a driver’s eyes adjust to the darkness – and that may not be fast enough to avoid an accident.

Drunk and drowsy drivers are about

Many people leave the bars at night after drinking. While people legally shouldn’t drive after consuming too much alcohol, there are many drivers who believe they can get home safely. However, alcohol impairs a driver’s focus, vision and judgment. This may cause a driver to violate traffic laws and end up causing an auto accident.

Many drivers aren’t drunk but tired when they cause an accident. Drowsy driving may be just as bad as drunk driving because the effects of sleepiness are very similar. There’s also a higher chance a drowsy driver will fall asleep behind the wheel. These kinds of drivers are likely people who’ve just left work or have been traveling. 

Car accidents can be just as serious during the night as they are during the day. You may suffer injuries and losses that require you to understand your legal options to seek compensation.

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