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What can go wrong during dental implant procedures?

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The practice of modern dentistry, much like the practice of medicine, requires careful attention to detail and a commitment to continuing education. Dental implants have become some of the most popular procedures. Some people have implants installed to address serious dental health issues, like tooth loss and advanced periodontal disease. Other people turn to dental implants for primarily cosmetic purposes.

Whether you wanted a dazzling white, perfectly straight smile or believed that implants would correct dental issues that have impacted your health, you expected the procedure to be simple and the recovery to be quick. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong during dental implant procedures, which patients often don’t realize until it is too late.

What are some of the most common complications reported after dental implants?

Nerve damage

Any oral surgery presents the possibility of nerve damage. All it takes is one mistake on the part of the dentist or the staff members assisting in the procedure to cause permanent nerve damage that could have lasting implications for your quality of life or even your speech. You may not realize until you stop using pain relievers that there are persistent pain issues or function issues possibly caused by nerve damage.


The human mouth is full of bacteria, much of which can potentially cause illness or infection. Improper practices during the procedure and inadequate support after dental implants could lead to major infections.

Failed implants

Things can go wrong with the dental implants themselves, ranging from them causing pain every time someone bites down to them not remaining permanently in place as they should.

Why are implant issues so common in modern dentistry?

The popularity of dental implants in no small part contributes to the possibility of someone experiencing malpractice during the procedure. Dentists, attracted by the possibility of patient demand and profits, might start offering implant services when they have had just a few hours of training at a weekend seminar. Some professionals may also cut corners during the process to make the procedure as fast as possible, which opens the door to mistakes that cause serious health issues.

The sad truth is that for some patients who pay for dental implants, the procedure will do significant harm. These patients, especially those who did not have information about the risks beforehand or whose outcome reflects dangerous deviations from best practices, may have grounds to bring a dental malpractice claim against the professional who performed the implant procedure. Learning more about common forms of dental malpractice can help those dealing with the consequences of a botched dental procedure.

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