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What’s wrong with dedicated cycle paths?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Auto Accidents |

Denver has made great progress as a cycling city. Figures for 2018 show one in nine people were using bicycles to commute, due in part to the increase in cycle lanes and cycle paths.

Anything that gets more people on bikes is generally positive as cycling improves people’s health, saves them money over driving, and makes the city’s air cleaner for everyone.

So you might be surprised to hear that some bike users argue that increased cycling infrastructure is not always as good an idea as it seems. Here is what they say:

It sends the message that cyclists should not share the road with drivers

Once you separate cyclists from drivers, putting them on cycle paths or cycle lanes, you encourage drivers to think of the road as theirs.

Bicycles are vehicles, just as motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks are vehicles. Hence people should have the right to take their bicycles on the road and ride in the middle of the lane. If those in faster vehicles want to pass, they should use the next lane, as they would if they were overtaking another motor vehicle. 

Drivers stop watching out for bicycles

Drivers who are not used to seeing bicycles on the road will not look out for them because they do not expect there to be any.

So, whenever a cyclist chooses or has no choice but to ride on the road, they are at a higher risk of being hit by a driver who did not anticipate them or make allowances for the fact they might be there.

If a car hits you on your bicycle, you will likely incur significant hospital bills. If so, get legal help to hold the driver responsible.

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