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How your quality of life may be affected by an amputation

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Injuries |

An accident could turn your life around, especially if you suffer injuries that result in an amputation. Despite the technological and medical advancements in the field of prosthetic limbs, your quality of life could greatly be affected.

It may not be easy to adapt to life without one or both limbs, but that is not all. Here are other ways your life may be affected after losing one or several limbs.

Your mental health could be at risk

Studies have shown that more than a third of amputees are mentally affected by their state. For example, you may be predisposed to depression due to losing independence, reduced self-esteem or even post-traumatic stress disorder from the accident that led to the amputation.

Your career could stall

Disability is not inability, but what if you relied on your limbs to do your job? Your career is likely to be derailed by amputation, and you might have to look for other income-generating activities. Disability benefits can provide a safety net, but you may have to shelve some ambitions in light of the situation.

Relationships with friends and family could be strained

It may feel like life has dealt you a bad hand after losing a limb, and you could end up taking the frustration out on family or friends. Eventually, your actions may end up breaking even the closest relationships. Additionally, it may not be easy to engage in the social activities you used to before, and some friendships will understandably fade if they were built on such social activities.

Evidently, you may not enjoy life in the first few months as you get used to your new lease of life. While it is possible to go on and live a fruitful life as an amputee, you need to hold the person responsible for the accident accountable.

Getting enough compensation will help you adjust to life without worrying about the financial bit of your newfound situation.

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