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How do truck accident cases differ from other motor vehicle accident cases?

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Firm News |

There is unavoidable and unsettling anxiety when it comes to driving between two large trucks on the highway. This is your body recognizing the threat and possibility of an accident. It’s true that any time you drive on the road, you’re at risk of an accident, but when you are near a commercial vehicle, it just feels different. It feels different because it is different, both in terms of severity and legal complexity.

Why are truck accidents more complex?

Truck accidents are more legally complex has to do with who owns the truck and the intricate laws regarding fault in Colorado. When you get into an accident with a commercial truck, you are not in an accident with an individual. You have gotten into an accident with:

·       A truck driver

·       The truck driver’s employer

·       The trucking company’s insurance company

However, truck accidents can be extremely devastating, and because trucking companies have many resources, their legal teams are incredibly aggressive. Shipping companies and their representatives fight every claim against their vehicles swiftly and without concern for the victims’ difficulties.

Truck company negligence can be considerable.

The reason that shipping companies fight so hard is that they may have quite a bit to lose. It’s no secret that truck drivers are in short supply. Because of that, shipping companies may:

·       Load trucks beyond their safe capacity

·       Create tight schedules that induce reckless driving

·       Have poor hiring practices that bring in unqualified drivers

·       Exhaust drivers with their workloads

·       Poor maintain their vehicles

Companies control these variables, which means if your accident is caused by a truck under any of the conditions, the company is responsible for your injury.

You’re not alone either


However, if you struggle with medical bills after a truck accident, you do not have to be alone either. You can fight and you can get the compensation you deserve.

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