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What makes a viable claim for dog bites in Colorado?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Injuries |

For anyone in Colorado, suffering a dog bite is naturally a traumatic experience, regardless of the severity of the injuries. However, not all dog bites make viable personal injury lawsuits. Many factors are considered, some of which differ from state to state. 

Dog bite law in Colorado 

In Colorado, dog bite laws impose strict liability on dog owners. Dog owners in Colorado are liable if their dogs bite anyone whose presence on private or public property is lawful. Unlike some other states, the dog owner is responsible regardless of whether the dog had violent tendencies or had never bitten anyone previously. 

Questions to answer before filing a personal injury lawsuit 

  • The severity of the injuries will play a role in the amount the dog bite victim could recover. 
  • Did the injuries cause absence from work, lost wages and significant emotional distress? 
  • Where did the attack occur, and is there proof that it was another person’s dog? 
  • Did the dog attack without provocation? 
  • Is the dog owner known, or was the animal a stray dog without a known owner? 

If such an attack occurs in a state that does not have strict liability, the victim will likely have to show that the dog had vicious tendencies of which the owner was aware; or propensities of which the owner should have known and could have anticipated. Furthermore, anyone attacked by a dog while busy with work-related tasks would not necessarily be limited to benefits from the employer’s insurance. They can file a personal injury civil lawsuit as well in order to pursue more comprehensive damage recovery. 

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