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Safety first to avoid motorcycle collisions

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

Colorado is known for its snow-capped mountains, ski resorts and other winter outdoor activities. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, however, you no doubt eagerly await spring time just like most riders do throughout the country. You yearn for warmer weather and sunshine so that you can hop on your bike and head out for a nice, long road trip.

If you’re a licensed motorcycle driver, you understand that navigating a highway on a motorcycle is quite different from driving a car. When you make safety your priority, you reduce the chances of collision and injury. The problem is that you might adhere to all motorcycle traffic laws and safety regulations, but someone else’s negligence could cause a crash that results in a catastrophe.

Improve safety by wearing protective clothing

While it might be exciting to imagine hopping onto your motorcycle in a pair of shorts and flip flops to head out on the highway under a noon-day sun, it wouldn’t be safe to do so. Motorcycle collisions often result in life-threatening injuries. The type of gear you wear has a lot to do with how much protection your body has if you hit the pavement.

Your helmet, of course, is the best protection against traumatic brain injuries. In Colorado, if you are age 18 or beyond, you’re not legally required to wear a helmet while riding, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Data clearly shows that helmets help protect riders against severe head injuries. In addition to a helmet, it’s always best to wear clothing made of heavy material that fully covers your arms and legs.

Be especially cautious at intersections

Intersections are dangerous sections of roadway, particularly for motorcyclists. There may be stationary objects or larger vehicles that keep you hidden from another driver’s view. This is why it’s always important to approach with caution and to navigate turns at intersections at low speeds.

When you’re riding with other motorcyclists, you can use staggered positions, keep your headlight on and use reflective materials on your vehicle or clothing to make yourself more visible in traffic.

Driver negligence often causes motorcycle collisions

If another driver makes an unsafe lane change or cuts you off at a merger, etc., an otherwise enjoyable motorcycle ride can quickly turn disastrous. If a vehicle hits you, your motorcycle might tip over, or your seat could eject you upon impact. It is not uncommon to suffer head, neck and back injuries in a motorcycle collision.

When another person’s recklessness causes you injury, state law provides recourse by allowing you to seek restitution for damages. Medical treatment is expensive, losing time off work can cause economic distress, and a collision often causes severe emotional trauma, as well. If another driver’s negligence caused the accident, you shouldn’t have to bear the full financial burden associated with your injuries.

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