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How safe is your child’s ride on a school bus?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

Once a child is safely on a Denver school bus, there is nothing more the parents can do. From that moment on, the bus driver takes charge. However, even the best bus driver could cross the path of another negligent motorist.

Parents can take the following steps to teach their children how to be safe:

  • Walk with young children and wait with them for the arrival of the bus.
  • Teach young children to step away from the curb as they wait for the arrival of the bus.
  • Explain the importance of boarding the bus orderly.
  • Explain the dangers of getting a foot caught on drawstrings or straps.
  • Children should stay back until the bus comes to a complete halt.
  • Children who have to cross the street after getting off the bus must not walk directly in front of the bus.
  • Taking several giant steps away from the bus will ensure that the bus driver can see them.
  • If a child drops something after exiting the bus, they must tell the driver before bending to pick it up.
  • Before crossing the street, they must keep eye contact with the driver, who will indicate when it is safe to cross.
  • Before crossing, they check to the left, right and left again before proceeding across the street.

Drivers who exceed the speed limits and fail to comply with safety regulations at bus stops and crosswalks in Denver could strike a child in the blink of an eye. When such an auto accident happens, the injured child’s parents might have grounds to pursue recovery of financial and emotional damages in a Colorado civil court.

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