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Why medical support is so important after a collision

| Sep 22, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

Do you know that symptoms of many types of auto accident injuries may not be immediately apparent? This means that, even if you’re conscious and coherent after a Colorado crash, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have not suffered injury.

It’s critically important to seek immediate medical attention after a car accident. While you might be worried about getting information from the driver who hit you or calling an immediate family member to tell him or her that you’ve been in a collision, it’s always best to go to the hospital for medical examination, even if you don’t think you have severe injuries.

There are several reasons for this

An emergency room is equipped to address collision-related issues. If you have a broken bone or traumatic brain injury, ER doctors can determine this through x-rays, MRIs or a CAT scan. Perhaps, your stomach is hurting or you’re having chest pain following sudden impact of another vehicle colliding with yours.

Such symptoms are often associated with internal organ damage, such as a punctured lung or kidney, or liver injuries. In order for doctors to properly diagnose your condition, they will need to run certain tests, and the swiftest, easiest way to obtain such tests is in an emergency room.

ER examination creates written documentation

It’s understandable to be confused, afraid and upset after a collision. In fact, you might experience such emotions for weeks, especially if you suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s possible that you will not remember all the details leading up to or following the incident.

When rescuers transport you to an emergency room, it activates a system that includes written documentation of everything that happens and everything pertaining to your condition. It’s helpful to have such documentation, particularly if you wind up needing additional medical care down the line or decide to seek financial recovery for your losses in court.

Timing is essential regarding post-collision medical care

It’s best to obtain medical attention immediately following a motor vehicle collision, or, at least, within the next 72 hours. Hospitals typically use third-party billing regarding patients seeking treatment due to collision-related injuries, and such billing involves insurance agencies.

Every state has its own policies regarding auto accident medical bills. The sooner you obtain medical attention, the better. Timing is also important because waiting or avoiding a trip to the hospital might cause your condition to worsen. It’s always better to have a medical examination and learn that you’re okay rather than not go and possibly suffer worse or even permanent damage due to lack of medical treatment.

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