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Will you encounter an aggressive dog in Colorado this summer?

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You may be one of many ski enthusiasts who hit the slopes of Colorado every winter. The cold weather amenities of the state definitely attract a lot of tourists and full-time residents alike. There’s still a lot of fun things to do during summer months, however, especially if you love being outdoors.

Summer is also a time when there’s an increased risk of injury. When there are more cars on the road, there’s a greater chance for a collision. As a pedestrian, you’re not 100% guaranteed to avoid injury either. In fact, many serious pedestrian injuries occur when motorists veer off the road and hit people on foot nearby. Cars aren’t your only worry if you’re traveling by foot in Colorado. Another concern is aggressive dogs — a bite could cause you severe pain and serious injury.

Which dogs are most likely to bite?

There’s really no definitive answer to this question because dogs are animals, and humans cannot predict animal behavior with full certainty. You may notice signs of aggression in a dog, however, and it’s true that some breeds seem to show such signs more often than others. The following list gives a rundown of dogs that typically rank high on lists for aggressive behaviors:

  • A wolf hybrid is a breed of dog that is often aggressive. Many states restrict ownership of this breed, which includes domestic dogs that have been bred with wolves.
  • A Cane Corso dog not only acts aggressive at times, it looks aggressive too. This type of dog is not recommended for ownership by anyone who is not an experienced dog handler, which is why this breed often works as police dogs.
  • The Saint Bernard is another useful working dog that derives from the Swiss Alps. You might think one of these dogs looks like a big, cuddly teddy bear, but it happens to be one of the most aggressive dog breeds, especially if an owner has not properly trained it from puppyhood to be comfortable around people.
  • A Doberman pinscher might be a good choice if you want a guard dog. However, if you come upon one of these dogs by happenstance, you will need to be alert and cautious as they can be quite aggressive.

There are many other dog breeds that are known for their aggression. If you’re a dog owner, you’re obligated to keep people safe when you take your dog for a walk or someone visits your home.

What if someone’s dog bites you?

Dogs often show signs that they are uncomfortable, afraid, nervous or about to attack. Even if you notice a dog acting in such ways, an attack can happen so suddenly that you don’t have time to safely react to avoid a bite.

Colorado dog owners are responsible for their dogs’ behavior toward others. For instance, if there’s a leash law in a particular community and an owner lets his or her pet run free then it bites someone, the injured person may be able to seek compensation for damages.

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