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Colorado collision: Are you in danger as a pedestrian?

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You might be one of many people in Colorado who enjoy being outdoors. Especially if you happen to live in Denver, an active, outdoor lifestyle may have been one of many amenities that attracted you to the city. As part of your active social life, you might travel around town as a pedestrian on the weekends, visiting local shops or gathering at an outdoor cafe with friends to talk about brewing or another of your latest hobbies.

Traveling on foot can be a refreshing pastime, particularly if you have to spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car during an average work week. When crossing roads or strolling along a sidewalk where traffic is nearby, however, you definitely have to be alert and adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations. The problem is no matter how safe you are a nearby driver’s negligence could cause a pedestrian collision that results in injuries.

A pedestrian collision is a high risk for fatality

If a moving vehicle hits you head-on or from the side, your knee and upper leg areas may bear most of the initial force of impact. When a moving car hits an adult who is standing upright at the time, the bumper may come into contact with the legs, thus propelling the legs in the direction of travel of the vehicle.

Your upper body and head regions, however, may be thrust toward the hood of the car if the vehicle hits you in the legs. In fact, if a driver was traveling at a lower rate of speed at the point of impact, you might land on the hood or up against the windshield of the car. At higher rates of speeds, many pedestrian collisions result in fatal injuries.

Surviving a pedestrian collision may result in severe injuries

If a driver hits you while you’re on foot, your body might become a projectile. While you may survive impact, you’re likely to suffer moderate to severe injuries.

Such injuries might include broken legs or pelvis. The force of impact your body endures when you hit the ground can also cause severe head trauma. If a pedestrian is a child, he or she may suffer neck, head or back injuries, as such injuries are the most common in pedestrian collisions involving minors.

Not all injuries are immediately apparent

If you a pedestrian who is hit by a motor vehicle, you might suffer a traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding or organ damage without immediate symptoms. This is one of several reasons it’s always best to seek medical attention even if you think you are feeling okay, are not bleeding and don’t seem to have any broken bones.

It’s always best to undergo medical examination, and equally important to closely monitor your condition in the days and weeks following the collision. If any additional symptoms appear, you’ll want to return to the hospital or report them to your primary care physician.

Recovery after a pedestrian collision can be arduous

With proper medical care, perhaps time off work and a strong support network, you may be able to achieve a full recovery after a pedestrian collision. The road to recovery, however, might be strenuous. It’s not uncommon to have a lot of physical pain after this type of devastating event.

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury such as concussion or a skull fracture, you might also have cognitive delays, vision problems, fatigue, lack of appetite and numerous other symptoms. Medical care is expensive, but many recovering accident victims seek restitution in civil court to obtain financial recompense for their losses.

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