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May 2020 Archives

How to know if you have a brain injury after a collision

When you get behind the wheel of your car to drive in Colorado, you can reasonably expect that other drivers you encounter on the road will obey the law. There's no guarantee, however, that you will arrive safely to your destination, especially if a distracted or intoxicated driver is nearby. Such drivers are menaces and cause thousands of injuries and fatalities every year.

Colorado intersections are dangerous places

Whether you've been a licensed driver in Colorado for decades or have only obtained a license to drive within the past five years, you have no doubt encountered traffic challenges on the roadway. It's true that the more road trips you take by vehicle, the greater a chance you have of being involved in a collision. By adhering to traffic laws and staying alert and cautious at the wheel, however, it's often possible to avoid auto accidents.

Defects in design can lead to legal claims after an injury

Products that you purchase should be safe for you to use as long as you're using them properly. What some people don't realize is that it's possible that a design defect could lead to them suffering an injury. This is a situation that might lead to a legal claim for compensation.

Was a distracted driver the cause of your collision?

Every time you get behind the wheel to drive in Colorado, you understand that you're obligated to adhere to all safety regulations and traffic laws. Sometimes, when you travel, however, you might not be the driver. You could be riding as a passenger in someone's vehicle or traveling on foot as a pedestrian. Other people's driving behavior can have a significant, possibly devastating effect on your life, especially if there's a distracted driver in your vicinity.

Points to remember when children or the elderly die tragically

A wrongful death lawsuit is meant to help provide surviving family members with compensation for their loved one's tragic death. It seeks to hold the liable party accountable for various damages that occurred because of their actions, which may help those left behind to find closure while handling the practical aspects of their loss.

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