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Car safety standards may be due for an upgrade

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

Safety rankings play a key role in helping buyers in Colorado and throughout the country determine if a vehicle meets their needs. As buyers tend to purchase vehicles that have higher ratings, it has encouraged automakers to create products that have a greater number of safety features. However, some believe that the system that is in use today is outdated and should be changed. For instance, it could be beneficial to test pedestrian detection systems before a car is sold to consumers.

However, there is no such test that is widely conducted in the United States. The federal government has also said that it will create crash test dummies that are more representative of those who drive or ride in newer vehicles. There is also a call to use available data to determine how safe a car is on the road.

Data can be accessed through the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), which is available for free. One criticism of FARS is that it can be difficult for common people to put the information in the system into its proper context. With the right leadership, it may be possible to make that data easier to understand and help keep drivers and passengers safe wherever they may go. Political leadership will also likely be needed to ensure that there is funding to improve the current vehicle safety rating process.

Those who are hurt in car accidents may be entitled to compensation for lost wages or lost future earnings. This may be true if the driver who caused the crash was impaired, distracted or otherwise negligent. If a defective vehicle component plays a role in causing an accident to happen, the manufacturer may be liable for damages as well.

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