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The research on teen drivers may make you wary while driving

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The fact of the matter is that teenage drivers lack experience. It isn’t their fault since most of them haven’t been driving long. The only way to gain the experience they need is to get out on the road.

However, this puts teen drivers and those they share the road with at risk. If you keep a closer eye on a vehicle you see is driven by a teenager, the research backs up your instinct to be wary.

What the data says about teen drivers

The number of teens getting their driver’s licenses at age 16 has dropped significantly over the years. Even so, teenagers continue to contribute to a significant number of accidents each year. Estimates indicate that as many as six million motor vehicle accidents occur each year, and somewhere around 500,000 of them resulted from the actions of teenage drivers. If you think that number is surprising, consider the following:

  • The number one killer of teenagers is motor vehicle accidents.
  • The odds of teen drivers being involved in fatal auto accidents are 10 times greater than the odds of adult drivers.
  • A teenager was driving when two-third of teenage passengers died in auto accidents.
  • Most fatal auto accidents involving teens occur within the first six months they have their driver’s licenses.
  • Approximately one-third of all accidents involving teens occur at intersections.
  • Almost one-third of fatal teen driving accidents involve speeding.
  • The primary driving maneuvers that lead to teen accidents are running off the road, turning left and rear-end events.
  • Approximately one-quarter of fatal motor vehicle accidents involving a teen driver also involved alcohol.
  • Teen drivers are not as likely as adults to recognize a hazardous situation while driving.
  • Teen drivers are part of the 50% of drowsy driving accidents.
  • Teen passengers are a significant distraction to teen drivers and played a role in around 90% of fatal crashes.

These are just some of the statistics associated with the dangers of teen driving. The first year is often the most hazardous, but it could take much longer for them to build up enough experience behind the wheel. If you happen to be driving next to a new licensed teen driver, you could end up in an accident.

Your injuries could cause you to incur substantial medical bills, lose income and other damages. Colorado law allows you to pursue compensation for your damages through the filing of a personal injury claim.


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