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Dangerous behaviors that contribute to car accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2019 | Auto Accidents |

Most people think that they are safe drivers, but how many actually follow the rules of the road? You probably see dangerous drivers every time you get behind the wheel. Guessing at least some of the behaviors that most frequently contribute to car accidents might even seem easy enough, but it also helps to fully understand which dangerous driving habits to watch out for.

Newer technology makes it easy to pinpoint the cause of a car wreck. This means that you and other drivers have more information about safe driving than past generations ever did. However, it seems as if many drivers in Denver either did not get the memo or simply do not care.

Watch out for napping drivers

Before vehicle cameras and other monitoring systems were widely available, experts could only guess how often sleeping drivers caused accidents. The idea of any driver sleeping behind the wheel is pretty scary, but past guesses were fairly low, so you might not have felt all that worried. Turns out those estimates were far too low.

Experts now believe that sleeping or drowsy drivers cause 7% of all car accidents and 21% of fatal accidents. It does not take long either. Microsleeping for very brief intervals is enough to cause a serious accident. A survey also found that 37% of all drivers admit to falling asleep at least once.

Stay in your lane

Paying attention to the road is not just important but also absolutely necessary. However, vehicles are not exactly distraction-free zones, and drivers in Colorado are often too eager to do virtually anything else but pay attention to the road. Drivers who do this frequently drift out of their lanes, which is another common cause of car accidents.

Crashes involving lane or road departures account for 33% of all accidents. This means there are plenty of drivers who strongly believe in their abilities to multitask even when evidence shows that driving is not the time to do so. Other drivers could make the roads safer for everyone by putting away their phones and keeping their eyes where they belong — on the road.

What should I do after an accident?

No matter how safely you drive, you cannot control the habits of other drivers. There will most likely always be distracted, tired and reckless drivers. Unfortunately, you learned this the hard way, and now you need help. Of course, getting compensation might not feel like a priority when you are just trying to focus on your health and well-being, but this can be the perfect time to start thinking about it.

Medical bills will start showing up in your mailbox pretty soon if they have not already, and your injuries are keeping you out of work and without a paycheck. You need help for these damages sooner rather than later. An experienced lawyer with a strong background with personal injury suits for car accidents can be a strong ally for getting the compensation you deserve.

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