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When truck drivers lack proper training, accidents happen

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Driving around semitrailers can be a frightening experience. These vehicles are big and heavy, and can do a lot of damage with minimal effort. If you have suffered injuries in an accident with one of these automobiles or lost a loved one, you know first-hand just how destructive they can be. Truck accidents change lives and not for the better.

Accidents involving semitrailers happen for a number of reasons. One reason that people often overlook is poor driver training. Despite what many in Colorado or elsewhere may think, not all truck drivers receive the best training available.

FMCSA requirements

Before a person can obtain his or her commercial driver’s license, he or she has to pass certain tests — both written and hands-on. According to the current Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration requirements, an individual wanting to obtain a CDL must:

  • Take the coursework required for the type of license one wants to receive.
  • Pass a written test with a score of 80% or higher.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform various skills behind the wheel.

There are different courses available for Class A and B licenses. There is also specialized training for what a driver might be hauling — such as hazardous materials. The FMCSA just wants to make sure drivers have the knowledge to handle their vehicles safely.

The problem with the FMCSA rules

While the rules regarding commercial driver training are in place for good reason, there is one problem with them. The FMCSA does not specify how much time a student commercial driver has to spend on coursework or hands-on training. Anyone wishing to obtain a CDL has to do it through an approved program, but it is possible to rush through that program and come out ill-prepared for the job at hand.

Did inadequate driver training contribute to your losses?

Following trucking accidents, investigators look at several things in order to determine how they happened and why. Driver training is just one of the things to look into — either by law enforcement or legal counsel. If there is evidence that a truck driver lacked adequate training to properly and safely perform the functions of his or her job, this may be all that is needed to establish negligence in your case, which could certainly help you as you seek maximum compensation for your losses.

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