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Facing the loss of a limb after a motorcycle crash

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Riding a motorcycle has many advantages. Firstly, no one can deny that riding a motorcycle is fun. It is exhilarating to feel the rush of the wind and not to be confined on your journey. Practically, motorcycles are less expensive than cars, use less gas and are easier to park.

Of course, there is no denying the downside of using a motorcycle as your source of transportation. Lack of confinement also means a lack of protection. Other drivers may give you little respect on the road, and this can make for dangerous situations. Those motorcyclists involved in accidents with larger vehicles have a greater chance of suffering catastrophic injuries, including the loss of a limb.

What to expect

A motorcycle accident can cause devastating damage to your limbs. Broken arms and legs are common in victims of such crashes due to impact from another vehicle, from striking the ground or from the weight of your own bike. When muscle and nerve damage is too great to repair and save the limb, you may face the shocking news that surgeons must remove the affected part of your body. If this has happened to you, the following steps may be in your future:

  • Surgery to remove the damaged part of the limb, seal the nerves and blood vessels, and reshape the muscles
  • One to two weeks of recovering from surgery in a Colorado hospital, barring infection or other complications
  • Several months of healing at home
  • Physical therapy to strengthen the injured limb
  • A fitting for a prosthetic limb if you choose to use one
  • More physical therapy with your prosthetic, perhaps for years
  • Phantom pain due to the brain’s memories of the pain in your amputated limb
  • Counseling to address depression, which is a normal part of any injury that changes your appearance

Many who suffer amputations because of illness or injury recover and lead normal, active and even exciting lives. However, the long process of recuperating and adapting to your new reality can be painful and very expensive. As you can imagine, you will be facing a lengthy time off work and mountains of medical bills as you recover.

While you may regain your strength and mobility, you may still face certain limitations. If your accident occurred because of the negligence or recklessness of another driver, you may feel this is very unfair. Fortunately, you can seek information about your legal options for pursuing the compensation you deserve.

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