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The need for speed can result in tragedy

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It is safe to say that every driver has been in a hurry at some point. In fact, even when they are not under time constraints, something about being behind the wheel of a car makes everything seem more urgent. Drivers may race to get through a yellow light or zip around someone who slows down for a parking space.

Even when drivers are not running late for an important appointment or racing to the hospital for a family emergency, it may be difficult for them to fight to urge to speed. Whenever they go too fast, drivers may place you and your family at risk.

Why do people speed?

More than 30 percent of fatal traffic accidents involve a driver going too fast for conditions. This may not necessarily mean driving faster than the posted speed limit. Speed limits are for times when driving conditions are ideal. However, you are well aware that in Colorado, there are many times when weather, road construction or low visibility make it unsafe to travel at the posted speeds.

While it may seem like there are acceptable reasons for speeding, such as running late for work or school, these reasons may pale in comparison to the danger in which a speeder places you and others on the road. On the other hand, many drivers may speed from a sense of entitlement that builds into aggressive driving. These may be the most dangerous drivers because they are often willing to take any chance to get where they are going as quickly as possible.

The real dangers of speeding

Driving too fast can lead to many devastating consequences, including these:

  • The faster a vehicle travels, the more distance a driver needs to stop.
  • Speed reduces the effectiveness of the safety equipment in a vehicle, such as seat belts and airbags.
  • A speeder is more likely to lose control of his or her vehicle and have more difficulty regaining control after a slight alteration, such as slipping on an icy road.
  • The faster a driver travels, the greater the severity of injuries in the event of an accident.

Such accidents could involve you and your family, leaving you with lifelong grief or injuries from which you may never fully recover. You may also face the overwhelming financial consequences of an accident with injuries, including medical costs and perhaps funeral expenses. If this is your situation, you may find comfort and consolation by reaching out for guidance about your legal options.

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