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Janet Jackson’s Ex-husband Sought in Car Crash for Damages

| Oct 17, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Even celebrities and spouses of celebrities get into fender benders. Well, it seems James DeBarge, Janet Jackson’s first ex-husband, drove his vehicle right into on-coming traffic. But, that’s only half the story, he then bolted the scene of the accident.

Luckily, the nearly head-on victim of the collision had a dash-cam mounted in her car, so she was able to capture the accident, a full view of the DeBarge’s vehicle, and DeBarge himself opening his car door and motioning to the victim to pull over to the other side of the street.

“Oh my ****ing God,” the woman exclaims right after DeBarge’s vehicle makes impact with hers.1

Details and Allegations Surround the Hit-and-Run Accident

Janet Jackson’s Ex-husband Sought in Car Crash for Damages

Denver Car Accident Attorney


The following details were collected surrounding the car accident and hit-and-run were gathered from news reports and court documents:

Janet Jackson’s Ex-husband Sought in Car Crash for Damages | Denver Car Accident 

  • Video from the woman’s dash-cam shows her driving a Chevy Volt down a heavily congested road, then suddenly DeBarge’s Mercedes station wagon pulls blindly out in front of a stopped car in the right-hand lane.
  • After the two cars collide, DeBarge opens his car door and motions for the woman to follow him across the intersection to the other side of the street. Unfortunately, the woman’s Volt is pointed in the opposite direction, and she tells him “I can’t.”
  • Instead of pulling over on the other side of the street, DeBarge speeds off.
  • DeBarge may have been unaware that the woman had a dash-cam mounted in her car.
  • The woman is seeking $6K in damages, but has not been able to locate her offender.
  • TMZ reports that DeBarge did not have insurance at the time of the accident.
  • Jackson eloped with DeBarge in 1984, but annulled the marriage in 1985.
  • DeBarge has a history of alleged drug addiction, being homeless, and being rounded up in raids among other things.

What Should You Do in a Hit-and-Run Scenario?

Here are some suggestions for drivers involved in a hit-and-run, when the other car appears to be at-fault and takes off without trading information, according to Infinity Auto Insurance:

  • Try and get the license plate number, if you can. Even as many numbers as you can get would be helpful.
  • Try and get a physical description of the vehicle, including make and color.
  • Try and get contact information from a witness or two, if you can.
  • Call 911 to report the accident with the information you have on hand.
  • Fill out a police accident report, including witness information.
  • Contact your insurance company and report the accident.

Contact a Denver Car Accident Attorney at Tomazin, Hillyard & Clor, LLP

If you or a loved one have been involved in a hit-and-run accident, there is a very good chance the offender is not insured. In either event, you should contact a Denver Car Accident Attorney at Tomazin, Hillyard & Clor, LLP to get a realistic outlook on your legal options for recovery and justice. Tomazin, Hillyar & Clor’s attorneys will take a no-nonsense approach to get you the maximum compensation for damages from either the at-fault driver’s insurance company or your own, if the other driver is under- or not insured.

For a free, initial consultation, call 303-835-4595 or email our firm via the contact form on this page to get an appointment set up. We’ll be happy to meet at either our Denver or Greenwood Village office, but we take clients throughout the Front Range and Greater Metro area.


1“James DeBarge’s Hit & Run Caught on Camera, Victim Searching for Him” published in Electric Urban Report.

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