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July 2014 Archives

Store hit by SUV in Colorado auto accident

The variety of motor vehicle collisions that takes place across the United States is astonishing. Some involve pedestrians, some a single vehicle and others include stationary objects. Being a part of any kind of auto accident can greatly affect one's life. A recent car crash in Colorado has drastically changed the lives of those who were involved.

Inmate files medical negligence claim against facility

When someone is sentenced to prison, they are required to serve their time, but they are also entitled to receive proper medical treatment. However, not all Colorado correctional facilities adhere to appropriate standards of care. An inmate filed a medical negligence suit against a facility after he suffered neurological damage and the case settled for $130,000.A 32-year-old inmate was experiencing a medical episode back in 2012 which included neck pain and loss of feeling throughout a portion of his body. When a nurse was alerted to his condition, she simply informed him that he was only experiencing muscle spasms and issued him an over-the-counter medication. Eventually, the inmate tumbled out of his bed and staff members did not respond to him until an hour later. When an on-call physician was contacted, the officers were ordered to simply put him back in his bed, but later on, he fell again.After his second fall, officers left him there until the following morning when he was taken to the hospital. Medical staff discovered that his body had internal bleeding which was causing pressure to his spinal cord. According to the lawsuit, the neurological damage the inmate suffered is permanent and if staff members would have acted faster, he may have not lost feeling.If an inmate is suffering from a medical episode, it may be vital for staff members to respond in an appropriate manner. Failure to intervene quickly could result in permanent medical issues and have long-term effects on someone's well-being. Colorado inmates who sustained serious injuries due to being denied medical treatment may have the right to file medical negligence claims against the staff members and/or prison facility to recover damages for their suffering.Source:, "Stillwater inmate who settled with state over claim of medical negligence now targeting doctor", , July 5, 2014 

Motorcyclist killed in auto accident

Most motorists and other residents are aware that being on a motorcycle is a dangerous venture. This is especially true when sharing the roadway with others who may be negligent. Recently, a 48-year-old Colorado man was killed in an auto accident while riding on his motorcycle. It is not yet clear if authorities will issue a citation in this matter.According to reports, an accident happened on a recent Tuesday afternoon involving a motorcycle and a Jeep SUV. The crash reportedly ensued at an intersection when the motorcyclist was traveling in the eastbound direction. The driver of the SUV made a left-hand turn and crashed into the motorcycle. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities determined that the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet.Tragically, the driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead. Traffic had to be held up in that area while the crash site was investigated. Authorities are still investigating the accident. No other details about the accident have been reported.As the authorities continue to investigate the fatal auto accident, the family of the deceased may be left in emotional turmoil after losing a loved one. If the investigation reveals negligence on the part of the driver of the SUV, then the family may pursue a wrongful death claim in an effort to receive justice. Surviving Colorado families may be able to recover the financial damages that inevitably result from these types of tragic events. If it is established to the court that negligence was a causal factor to the deadly crash, it will award an amount of compensation that is deemed appropriate.Source:, " Motorcycle crash kills Colorado Springs man", Travis Ruiz, June 25, 2014 

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