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May 2014 Archives

Hit-and-run driver causes fatal car accident

Accidents are a common occurrence along Colorado roadways. When an accident occurs, the drivers involved typically stop their vehicles to check on the damage to their own car, in addition to the well-being of others involved in the car accident. It is hard to imagine that a driver would leave the scene of a car accident with injured victims rather than stop to render assistance, especially because it is against the law to do so. According to Colorado police, the driver of one of the vehicles in a recent serious car accident ran over one of the accident victims as he left the scene of the accident.Reports indicate that the driver who apparently caused this tragic accident rear-ended a moped. The driver of the moped was thrown off, ran over by the pickup truck that hit him and died as a result of his injuries. As the moped was being rear-ended, an SUV was approaching the accident. In an attempt to avoid the accident, the SUV driver veered into the median. This caused her vehicle to roll over.The driver of the SUV was also killed as a result of the accident. Additionally, her two passengers suffered serious injuries. Witnesses indicate that the driver of the pickup truck continued to drive south on I-25.Although the pickup truck driver has not yet been apprehended, it is likely that he or she will be located. When this happens, this driver will probably have to answer to criminal charges. Additionally, the families of the individuals killed in this tragic car accident will have the right to pursue civil litigation for this tragedy in Colorado's civil courts. It is also possible that the victims injured in this accident may file personal injury claims to seek recovery of medical expenses as well as reimbursement for pain and suffering.Source:, "Troopers searching for driver who fled double fatal I-25 crash", , May 22, 2014 

A car crash kills 2 while another crash kills 1 on Colorado roads

Negligent driving and bad weather conditions can play a role in many car accidents. At least two car accidents occurred in the recent weeks, which claimed the lives of three people. One car crash killed two men while another killed one person in the same day. Colorado authorities believe that these incidents may have been caused by low visibility.The incidents happened on a recent Friday morning during foggy conditions. According to reports, one of the collisions took place when the vehicle carrying the two deceased men was crashed into by another vehicle. A preliminary investigation revealed that two men in their 30s were killed while a female was injured in the other vehicle. Authorities are still investigating the accident and are not sure who was responsible. Other details surrounding the accident have not been reported.The road was shut down for an unknown period of time while officials investigated. Another deadly accident occurred when the driver of a Dodge truck veered into the opposite lane and crashed into a Mitsubishi head-on. The driver of the truck suffered unknown injuries and was transported to the hospital. Sadly, the driver of the sedan was pronounced dead.While fog and other weather conditions can play a role in a car crash, it's important for drivers to exercise caution while on the roadways. Failure to do so can result in serious injuries and fatalities. The families of the deceased may have the right to file wrongful death claims against the drivers who are responsible. Successfully litigated claims in a Colorado courtroom may result in compensation that is well-needed.Source: CBS Denver, "Morning Commute Turns Deadly In Denver Area", , May 9, 2014 

Colorado VA hospitals face wrongful death claims

A number of patients reportedly died while waiting for appointments at VA hospitals. According to reports, the Secretary of Veteran Affairs was responsible for of a majority of these deaths that occurred in Colorado and throughout the country. So far, the Department of Veterans Affairs has paid over $200 million in wrongful death claims.Reports indicate that approximately 40 sick veterans died while they were waiting to see VA doctors. In fact, almost all of the veterans were put on a secret list of many who waited months just to see a doctor. Multiple organizations, including The American Legion and Concerned Veterans for America, have requested for the Secretary of Veteran Affairs to resign after learning about the amount of unnecessary deaths that occurred.According to reports, veterans submitted claims for injuries and ended up waiting years. Just as troubling are veterans who were forced to wait weeks just for a simple diagnosis. In some instances, veterans died at the facilities due to lack of care. An investigation was launched by the House Veteran Affairs Committee Chairman, and it revealed that there was a large number of deaths that could have been prevented.Receiving substandard care is burdensome for many patients. Even more burdensome is when a family learns that their loved one died due to inadequate care. Colorado families who have lost loved ones while under the care of a VA hospital or any other hospital may wish to pursue wrongful death claims as appropriate remedies for their suffering. The civil court system may award damages if evidence deems the medical facility and/or staff members responsible for the death that occurred.Source:, "Latest Insult: American Vets Died Waiting for Appointments", Katharine Russ, May 13, 2014 

Colorado jails could face medical negligence for stopping therapy

Patients as well as inmates have the right to be provided with appropriate standards of care. Failure to do so can result in medical negligence claims filed in Colorado and throughout the country. A number of inmates may have been taking medication before receiving their prison sentences. However, sometimes inmates are denied the use of these medications and one recent case is no exception. A transgender inmate filed a claim seeking to continue with her hormone treatment.

Colorado man killed in car crash on interstate

A fatal accident can be shattering for most families. A recent Sunday morning turned tragic when a 24-year-old man was killed. The car crash occurred on a Colorado interstate when the man was hit by a car. Authorities are still investigating this accident, which has been described as a hit-and-run.According to reports, the man was in the midst of crossing the interstate when a driver crashed into him. The driver continued to drive off from the scene and never stopped. Another vehicle approached and also crashed into the man, but that individual contacted authorities. Tragically, the man was declared deceased at the scene. Authorities still have not located the driver of the first vehicle, and the investigation continues.Authorities are asking for the public's help in finding the hit-and-run driver. At this time, it is unknown why the man was crossing the interstate in the first place, particularly because he did not have a disabled vehicle. Although it is unlawful for a pedestrian to cross the interstate, drivers still have the duty to exercise reasonable caution when driving, and furthermore, hit-and-runs are illegal.

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