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Drunk or texting can lead to Colorado car accident

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There are countless circumstances that could lead to car accidents. The most possible causes of a dangerous car accident in Colorado are drinking and driving as well as texting and driving. One recent report wondered which situation is more likely to cause a car accident. Some may find this an interesting question to consider; although when it comes down to it, either could lead to the need to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in civil court.Many motorists have multi-tasked while driving and may think it’s a harmless event. However, the numbers show that it is not that harmless and there are over 3,000 fatalities that occur each year due to texting and driving while approximately 400,000 others are injured. A few drivers went through a road simulation and each participant started with texting. During the simulation test, all three drivers crashed by either veering into oncoming traffic or rear-ending another vehicle.The participants were then given alcoholic beverages to put them at or above the legal drinking limit. During another simulation test, all three participants were more tentative to the road and everything going on around them since they weren’t looking back and forth from the road to their cell phones. However, the drivers still crashed and had delayed reactions.Drivers who text and drive or drink and drive pose a danger to themselves and to others who share the Colorado roadways. Just because someone is only distracted, but not drunk, does not mean that they are not hazardous. Neither one of these circumstances are inherently safer than the other and both can lead to a tragic car accident. A victim who has suffered serious injuries or family members who have lost their loved ones typically have the right to pursue justice on behalf of themselves or the deceased victims in a civil court of law.

Source: Fox Denver, Which is more dangerous: Texting and driving or drinking and driving?, Jeremy Hubbard, Nov. 25, 2013

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