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Seat belt use important in head-on collisions

| Dec 3, 2012 | Uncategorized |

The risk of being injured in a car accident increases greatly if passengers are not wearing seat belts. To make younger drivers more aware of the importance of wearing a seat belt, paramedics have started a “Stay Alive” presentation to educate drivers about car accident dangers and the benefit of wearing seat belts.Paramedics said that many fatal injuries in car accidents are a result of drivers or passengers not wearing their seat belts. The awareness campaign highlights the effectiveness of seat belts, especially in a head-on collision.Many people think that airbags are their main source of protection from injury during a car accident. However, airbags are considered a Supplemental Restraining System and are more effective at preventing injuries when used with seat belts.The dangers associated with not wearing a seat belt can be very serious, even fatal. According to recent accident statistics, car accident victims are 25 times more likely to die if they are ejected from the vehicle, which often occurs during high-speed collisions when passengers are not wearing their seat belt.

In addition to the paramedics’ awareness program, safety advocates have also hailed the effectiveness of seat belts and have called mandatory laws requiring all passengers to be required to wear seat belts while in a moving vehicle.

Colorado’s seat belt law for adults requires the driver and all front seat passengers to wear their seat belt. The law is a secondary offense, which means that vehicles must be pulled over by police for a different offense before the driver will face a seat belt violation.

Source: USAFA, “Paramedics stress need for SAFE driving,” Amber Baillie, Nov. 26, 2012

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